Economy Threatens NYC Fine Dining

Much to the dismay of the critics and fine dinning patrons of New York City, the top-rated Italian Chef Fabio Trabocchi, 35, may be departing for greener pastures in the nation’s capital.

Trabocchi left The Four Seasons last week due to “Philosophical differences.” Only a year after the disappointment of Fiamma, which extinguished its final burner light and closed it’s doors in January 2009. The severe decline in its Wall Street patrons and slashed expense accounts led to the restaurant’s decline. It has certainly not been a lack of talent from the degree, rank, and award winning resume of this father of two, but sincerely a sign of the times.

Trabocchi’s parting words “We are in a brand new era,” he said. “We were living in an optimistic time and now it’s over.” Sad words from a distinguished chef who at 18 was responsible for the entire kitchen staff at the Michelin one-star Navalge Moena. Don’t worry New Yorkers you can still attempt at home recreations of Trabocchi’s personal culinary heritage from his cookbook, Cucina of La Marche (Ecco/HarperCollins, 2006).

Via: Grub Street NY