Creed of Paris’ Kingly Cologne

Creed of Paris has just released a limited edition bottling of a cologne that was originally created in 1936 for the Duke of Windsor.

As the renowned perfumer that has supplied quality fragrances to royalty and aristocracy since 1760, Creed of Paris has just released the exclusive Creed Windsor. The extremely limited quantity of cologne is bottled from what was originally created for King Edward VIII in 1936, prior to his abdication of the throne and his marriage to Wallis Simpson making him the Duke of Windsor.

There will only be 320 bottles of the cologne available, which will be presented in shatterproof 1.7 oz. leather-wrapped flasks that are numbered and signed by sixth-generation master perfumer Oliver Creed. The Duke of Windsor was known to be a man of impeccable taste, and that is reflected in the fragrance. The “subtle top notes of the cologne are British gin, Jamaican lime, and a touch of Scottish highland pine followed by a middle note of the variety of roses which have come to be known as the “Duke of Windsor”, and finally bottom notes of Bahamian orange, Canadian cedar and a dab of Australian eucalyptus.”  Made exclusively from ingredients grown in what was once the British Empire, the limited edition will be available in the U.S. for $400 each.

Via DuncanQuinn