Aston Martin May Build Hybrid Lagonda SUV

Aston Martin prides itself on being a manufacturer of luxury sports cars and for the most part the brand has been adamant about having nothing to do with hybrid models because they believe that hybrid technology just isn’t up the standard that would be needed yet. Or is it?

We all know about luxury carmakers who are joining the hybrid bandwagon due to an increased awareness about the environment from the general public, including elegant eco-friendly Rolls-Royces, Jaguars, and even Mercedes-Benz’s. But one luxury carmaker has yet to hop on board, and that’s Aston Martin.

Dr. Ulrich Bez, Aston Martin’s CEO, has mentioned that one reason for this is that the “brand sees itself as a manufacturer of uncompromised luxury sports cars, and the current state of hybrid technology is not quite up to the standard of the marquee.”

However, it is being reported that Lagonda may be in the early stages of planning to use hybrid technology for its first models. While it’s still quite a ways away, as they aren’t set for launch for a few years still according to Bez, it wouldn’t actually be that surprising if this was the next step because the first Lagonda vehicles are anticipated to be SUV and crossovers, which “are typically suited for hybrid applications.”