Zagat’s Top Ten San Francisco Restaurants of the Decade

As 2009 comes to a close, everyone is anxiously awaiting to see what 2010 has in store. But before we bid adieu to one of the most challenging years in recent history, let’s take a look at Zagat’s Top Ten restaurants of the decade in San Francisco and show some appreciation for the foods and chefs that kept our bellies full throughout the past ten years.

Below is a list of the ten restaurants that opened in the past decade with the highest Zagat food scores.

Cyrus–Food: 29, Décor: 27, Service: 28, Cost: $133

29 North St., Healdsburg

“Chef/co-owner Douglas Keane ushers forth transcendental New French prix fixes and grand tastings with unique Asian-fusion flavors, exceptionally served with tableside theatrics in an ornate dining room worthy of Paris.”

Kaygetsu–Food: 28, Décor: 19, Service: 25, Cost: $93

325 Sharon Park Dr., Menlo Park
“Known for pristine sushi and elaborate, work-of-art kaiseki dinners providing the most sublime experience this side of Kyoto. Gracious service and lots of great sakes help you forget about the cost, plus weekday set lunches and à la carte menus on Tuesday and Sunday nights help lower the price of admission.”

Coi—Food: 28, Décor: 24, Service: 27, Cost: $163

373 Broadway

 “Outstanding chef-owner Daniel Patterson leads the charge for molecular gastronomy at this paean to “el Bulli”, proffering a stupendous 11-course Cal-French feast for the taste buds and the mind amid a minimalist backdrop.”

Michael Mina—Food: 27, Décor:25, Service: 26, Cost $137

335 Powell St.

“Michael Mina’s storied Westin St. Francis flagship where the three-of-everything New American prix fixes and dedicated wine wizardry deliver a plethora of palate pleasure; the professional staff manages to be both invisible and omnipresent, and giant columns add to the grandiose vibe.”

Manresa—Food: 27, Décor: 24, Service: 27, Cost $124

320 Village Ln., Los Gatos
“Spoil yourself at David Kinch’s gem in Los Gatos where foodies and the tech crowd swoon over idiosyncratic New American–French five-hour meals featuring produce sourced from its own biodynamic farm and enhanced by astonishing wine pairings and choreographed service; the setting is lovely and there’s no sense of being in ‘the ’burbs’, so most agree this culinary adventure is one you’ll remember forever.”

Canteen—Food: 27, Décor: 15, Service: 22, Cost $45

817 Sutter St.

 “Dennis Leary’s labor of love is one-of-a-kind. Delectable, high-style Californian dinners served in a Tenderloin retro hotel diner no bigger than a clerk’s office; with three nightly shifts, it’s a “et-in, get-fed, get-out, reservations-required deal (especially for Tuesday prix fixes), but the open kitchen, personable service, and strong value add to its must-try cachet.”

Quince—Food: 27, Décor: –, Service: 26, Cost: $84

470 Pacific Ave.

“Showcasing daily changing splendid meals handcrafted with care that will have even a seasoned foodie Googling unfamiliar ingredients, this New French–Italian splurge spot delivers a fine dining experience approaching perfection.

Tartine Bakery—Food: 27, Décor: 14, Service: 15, Cost: $16

600 Guerrero St.

“With its lines out the door and insane waits, you’ll want to hate this hipster-packed Mission patisserie with no obvious sign (just follow the smell of butter) and cramped seating, but nothing can trump its mind-blowing pastries, eponymous open-faced treats and bread that comes out of the oven exactly at 5 PM; sure, a slew slam lackadaisical service, but no matter: most just keep going back.”

Redd Restaurant—Food: 27, Décor: 22, Service: 24, Cost: $71

6480 Washington St., Yountville

“Chef-owner Richard Reddington’s ingenious dishes combine flavors beautifully at this confident Californian that succeeds in foodies’ paradise (aka Yountville) with simply superb tasting menus at a cost compatible with what you receive; the minimalist dining room feels a touch cold to some (though the patio is a dream), but the focus is on the food and wine, proffered without too much pretension by a delightful staff.”

Aziza—Food: 26, Décor: 23, Service: 23, Cost: $46

5800 Geary Blvd.

 “Iron Chef winner Mourad Lahlou crafts phenomenal Moroccan feasts that show care from sourcing to plate at this nouveau North African casbah whose exceptional cocktails, personal service and beautiful tiled interior.”