Where Can You Find A $25,000 Cocktail? In Las Vegas, Of Course

Reports all across the luxury sector have led us to ask the question several times this week, “what recession?” Reinforcing the notion that when luxury is about quality and value, it cannot be kept at bay for long, we bring our haute readers another example of just how luxurious life can be.

Haze nightclub, which boasts interior elements that aim to challenge guests’ sense of perception and reality, has tailored its specialty cocktail to be just as striking as its concept for its elite clientele. And so it is time to prepare yourself for the “Haze 75.”

We are going to tell you the price tag of the cocktail, but don’t be alarmed, because there is much more value to the Haze 75 than what initially meets the eye. For $25,000, it’s not just a cocktail prepared with Remy Martin Louis XIII Black Pearl Cognac and Grand Marnier 150 year – accompanying the most expensive cocktail of the year is also a set of his and hers Breitling watches.

But if you already own a set of Breitling watches and your own personal bottle of Remy Martin Louis XIII Black Pearl Cognac, might we recommend heading over to the GOLD Lounge, set to debut at ARIA Resort & Casino at CityCenter on December 16th, to test out the “24k” specialty cocktail, featuring edible 24-karat gold flakes in its recipe for a mere $24?

Both Haze & The GOLD Lounge are just two of the five venues from the creative geniuses at The Light Group, one of the leading hospitality, development, and management companies, renowned for shaping the nightlife landscape on the Las Vegas strip.

Check them out and let us know how haute these Vegas clubs truly are.

Watch for more news and images from the openings of Haze and The GOLD Lounge at HauteLiving.com.