Welcoming Back Bouchon’s Black Truffle French Fries

Thomas Keller’s Bouchon in Yountville is gleefully celebrating black truffle season with the return of their to-die-for black truffle French fries and a special tasting menu.

Thomas Keller’s Bouchon, located in Yountville, is joining the masses to celebrate black truffle season but Bouchon is doing it in true haute style with a special tasting menu and the return of their infamous black truffle French fries which are tossed with chopped fresh black truffles, fleur de sel, and truffled clarified butter which can be ordered as a supplement to menu items or separately as a side.

The tasting menu which is featured at Bouchon for black truffle season consists of a three-course prix-fixe option that includes a complimentary Terrine de Joe de Porc amuse-bouche and selection of mignardise. To honor black truffle season, shaved black truffles will  be available for each course along with a special wine pairing which is designed to enhance each dish. The menu includes “gooseneck stuffed with black truffle sausage, creamy polenta, sauce Périgourdine, cassoulet of rabbit leg confit, foie gras, tarbais beans, matignon of garden vegetables and rabbit jus and baked Cabécou wrapped in puff pastry with truffle-prune jam.”

The tasting menu is priced at $70 per person and accompanying wine selections will be available for $40 per person. If you’d like to take advantage of the offered shaved black truffles, it is a supplementary $15-$20 per course. The delicious black truffle fries are prices at $17 Shaved black truffles will be offered supplementary for $15-$20 per course and the black truffle French fries will be available for $17 if ordered on their own, and $14 is ordered as an accompaniment.  But you better hurry—Bouchon’s famous French fries will only be available through January!