The Big Apple Is Not Ready For the iPhone

If you live in New York City and have been dreaming of joining the millions of people across the world that have an iPhone…think again. Recent reports coming out of New York are indicating that AT&T customer-service representatives are telling callers that the Apple iPhone is no longer being sold online in New York City, and there’s a reason for it.

Reported as a “purposeful strategy” to deal with coverage overload, Apple iPhones are no longer available online in New York City. Within city limits, numerous sources have confirmed that the phone is not offered, and when one individual contacted a service representative, he was told quite frankly that “New York is not ready for the iPhone.”

Really what this means is that there are just not enough towers to handle the phone in New York City. Limiting the number of iPhones in the area by using this strategy will hopefully open up the network and provide better service to those customers who already have an iPhone.

In a written statement, AT&T spokesman, Fletcher Cook, said “We periodically modify our promotions and distribution channels.” While the situation may be frustrating for individuals who were hoping to get their hands on the popular iPhone over the holidays, it’s likely this won’t be a permanent situation, however we will keep you posted if we hear any news either way.