Sbarro’s Very Own Ferrari

For many, owning a one-of-a-king luxury car is the ultimate status symbol. But for a limited few of the crème de la crème of the upper echelon, commissioning your own luxury car is even better.

The Swiss designer Franco Sbarro is known for “unique” creations that in the past have included a six-wheeled Citroen crossover, a leaning quadricycle, and a vintage Rolls-Royce equipped especially for bird watching. His long history of radically modifying Ferraris has led him to his latest project.

Sbarro’s done everything from converting a 365 GT4 into a Mille Miglia spyder to giving the 550 Maranello the wide-body treatment. His Alcador series has by far been one of his most interesting. The first Alcador was based on the Testarossa and it debuted at the 1995 Geneva salon. The second was called the Alcador GTB and it came out at the 2008 Geneva show, borrowing its chassis and engine from the 348. Sbarro tweaked the design and came back to the Palexpo the following year with a new Alcador GTB based on the 360 Modena.

Swiss car collector Lienhard has commissioned the coachbuilder to craft a fourth car by the strange name of Lista Office. The result was unveiled to the public this past weekend at the Essen tuner expo in Germany. Sbarro’s latest is based once again by the 80s-era Testarossa and packs 450 horse power.

We don’t know how much Lienhard had to shed for this privilege, but one can only imagine  it’s a couple of kids’ Ivy League education, at the very least.

Via Luxist