Nordegren Gets the Upper, Wedding Ring-less Hand

Tiger Woods‘ wife, Elin Nordegren was recently photographed pumping gas at a Florida gas station without, gasp, her wedding ring! Oh my goodness, stop the press! Umm, hello, why is this so shocking to people? Woods has been accused of cheating on her not once, not twice but many, many times during his career in the spotlight as a pro golfer, though the photograph was taken before the serial accusations began surfacing. Still though, once is enough I do believe. Whatever happened to for better or for worse? Apparently Tiger wasn’t paying attention during that part of his and Nordegren’s ceremony. Why do people cheat and lead scandalous lives full of lies and heartache? If you are willing to cheat and risk throwing away an already established relationship that you yourself pretty much volunteered for, why are you even still in the relationship? I mean, it’s quite obvious the cheater is not totally happy in the existing relationship. Why not just end it first that way there is no real “cheating” involved. I’ve never understood that mentality. Oh, so you want to eat your cake and other person’s cake too, huh? How greedy and disrespectful can one possibly be? Disgusting, I’m sorry.

Whatever happened to good old fashioned romance and love? Till death do us part anyone? I personally would rather be single for rest of my life than deal with a cheating partner. But it looks like perhaps Nordegren has the same philosophy as mine. If you do it, you better make it very worth your while because that’s the only chance you’re getting to literally screw me over. According to London’s News of the World newspaper, she’s already talking closely with divorce lawyers. To me, this is the thought process of a very strong, independent individual and I commend Nordegren for looking like she could give a damn while out and about running errands. Truth be told, the photograph even shows her with a slight grin on her face, almost as if she’s amused at the whole situation because really, it all is sort of amusing in some sick and twisted way. How silly must you be to cheat on your drop dead gorgeous model wife? This bombshell will soon have an entire block of gentlemen lined up just waiting to be her next love interest. You go girl! And the other? Well, the other will simply always be known as the untrustworthy cheater. Look who’s laughing now.

Via: NY Post