Mister Ganache: Satisfying Miami’s Cravings

Miami, brace yourself. There’s a new doctor in town. The kind of doctor that soothes aches and pains of the heart, fills empty bellies, and satisfies some of the guiltiest pleasures: meet Mister Ganache, a new gourmet chocolate shop that just opened by master chocolatier Eric Girerd.

Mister Ganache is a new gourmet chocolate shop located in Mary Brickell Village, Miami. The store has just opened in time for the holidays, which is perfect since everyone is bracing themselves for large holiday dinners and breaking diets, we might as well add a little chocolate in there, right?

In simple terms, Mister Ganache produces handcrafted French chocolate with spices from India. The store was just opened by master chocolatier, Eric Girerd, who has been honing his craft in his coco studio in Paris for the past 30 years. His secret weapon is injecting square truffles with curry, wasabi, ginger, or Vietnamese mint, but you can also have amazing selections such as a half a dozen champagne truffles (made with Veuve Clicquot), or Evasions which are made with fresh ginger and strawberries.

The new store/heaven has a fine-cigar-shop feel and features copious amounts of dark wood, crystal chandeliers, and soft velvet chairs incase you’re knocked off your feet when sampling some of Girerd’s creations.

It’s recommended that chocolate is best eaten within two weeks of its creation, so hurry and get all your holiday orders in now so you can enjoy when the time is just right.