Metallica’s Kirk Hammett’s Estate Secures a Buyer

Metallica’s Kirk Hammett has finally sold his Pacific Heights estate to an unknown buyer, unloading the $8,995,000 home allowing him to be free as a rock-star bird can be.

After being on the market for quite some time, the Pacific Heights estate belonging to Metallica’s Kirk Hammett has finally been sold. While listed at $8,995,000, the actual selling price and buyer remain undisclosed for the moment; we can tell you that the homes design is possibly a contributing factor to how long it took to sell. While certainly not the most unattractive home, it definitely was customized for a particular type of person—read: rock star. The home includes a sound studio and party room which probably isn’t high up on the list of every potential buyer in the area.

But the home is now in the hands of a new owner who may or may not keep that party room around. And the sound studio…well, perhaps an aspiring artist has taken up residence in the home. One never knows.

Here are some pictures of the home for your viewing enjoyment; but if you’re interested in buying, it’s too late; this rock mansion belongs to someone else now.