Limited Edition Maserati GranTurismo S Coupe

Just in case your Maserati isn’t exclusive enough as is, the luxurious car maker has announced a new limited edition of its top-of-the-line GranTurismo S Coupe in Abu Dhabi.

Italian luxury car maker, Maserati, will be supplying some of the wealthiest individuals with an extremely limited edition of its GranTurismo S Coupe in Abu Dhabi, answering the continuous call for exclusivity from the highly lucrative Middle East Market.

There will only be twelve examples of this special edition sports car, one for each it Maserati’s dealers in the region, “simultaneously commemorating the twelve drivers’, constructors’, and teams’ titles which the Maserati MC12 has accumulated in the FIA GT Championship. Each car will be adorned with special matte white paint and items from the company’s tailored MC Sport Line.

Italians can rest assured that Maserati hasn’t forgotten about them though, as a second run of 11 coupes, with pearl white paint, is being planned for the Italian market as well. Further details and expected dates have not yet been released from Maserati.

Via: Luxist