Leviev’s Fancy Vivid Orange Diamond Ring

Still scratching your head wondering what to buy your special someone for the holidays? If she likes vibrant colors and unmatched quality and style, then perhaps you should consider the fancy vivid orange diamond ring from Leviev jewelers.

Renowned jeweler Leviev is known for its exquisite selection of colored and white diamonds which are mined from all over the world. The arresting fancy vivid orange diamond ring is just one example of the immaculate vibrancy and elegance Leviev is capable of combining into one beautiful piece of jewelry.

The fancy vivid orange colored diamond is amongst the rarest colors of diamonds which can be found, so you know this ring will certainly keep her one step ahead of the game in terms of being unique. The effervescent orange color of the diamond is caused by the presence of titanium-pyrope and it is the eye-catching center piece to Leviev’s fancy vivid orange diamond ring which features a pear-shaped flawless fancy vivid orange diamond that weighs five carats and is surrounded by two pear- and four marquise-shaped flawless white diamonds, totaling in approximately five and a half carats handcrafted in a platinum setting.

Leviev has locations in London, New York, Moscow, and Dubai.