Let’s All Go Bananas, Monkey Bar has a New Phone Number

I’m really not sure if I should share my news with anyone. However, I’m suddenly consumed by a sense of loyalty to the Haute readers, and my good mood ensures I will part with the cherished information. To be honest I’ve never really been great at keeping secrets. When I was a child my brothers and sisters nicknamed me ‘Loose Lips’, after my blabbing led to one too many sunken ships.

So here goes, Monkey Bar in Midtown NYC has released a new official phone number. ‘Big deal’, I hear you say. Yes, very big deal. This is the restaurant that disconnected its number during the summer due to the excessive requests for reservations. Owned by Graydon Carter of Vanity Fair, Monkey Bar is a very popular hangout for celebs, thus making that precious reservation even harder to secure.

Now that I have you all giddy at the thought of dialling those digits and nailing that reservation, I’ll produce my pin and burst your happy little bubble. The number is for lunch time reservations only. If you think you can reserve a table for that hot evening date, think again my friend. The best this will get you is a lunch spot between 12pm and 2.30pm. Hey, I’m not complaining, I’ve got the number on speed dial.

Monkey Bar, does not serve ordinary bar food, with a myriad of Asian inspired appetisers and a host of delicious and exotic cocktails ensuring no one leaves hungry or thirsty. To attempt to secure that lunch reservation call 212-288-1010. If you want my suggestion guys, convince the lady you’re a wooing to go on a lunch date, that way (if you’ve got a phone) you get to bring her to Monkey Bar instead of settling for an evening meal somewhere much less impressive.

For evening reservations Monkey Bar accept requests by email.  

Via: Eater New York