Les Heures Du Parfum by Cartier

Series of exclusive scents conceptualized around a central theme appears to be the new trend for some of the top name designers, such as Chanel and Tom Ford. Cartier has now entered the stage and their series, titled Les Heures du Parfum, is spreading like luxurious and wonderfully scented wild-fire.

Ultra-opulent jeweler, Cartier, has launched their latest line of exclusive scents which have been grouped around a central theme, following in the luxurious footsteps of top designers such as Chanel and Tom Ford. The Cartier series is called Les Heures du Parfum, which was inspired by “varied states of mind and life-altering moments in time.”

The first of thirteen fragrances were released at Saks Fifth Avenue last month. The collection was created by Cartier’s in-house perfumer, Mathilde Laurent, who was given free reign to creative the distinctive olfactory experiences.  Laurent says she was inspired “not by the house in a day, but by the moments in a life. The fragrances have a simple harmony” with rather succinct formulas that can be worn by both men and women featuring nothing but the finest ingredients available.

Each elegant bottle features a Roman numeral of the hour it represents, however the bottles are not being released in chronological order. Laurent also was involved in the design of the bottles, which are tall, minimalist structures featuring elongated black roman numerals reminiscent of the iconic symbols on Cartier’s timepieces. The perfume’s outer boxes feature Cartier’s signature deep red, ornamented with gold trim.

I:  L’ Heure Promise–The Promising Hour has delicate notes of petitgrain, iris and sandalwood.
VI:  L’ Heure Brillante–The Shining Hour has sharp citrusy-herbal notes of lemon and gin.
X:  L’ Heure Folle– The Crazy Hour is vibrantly fruity with notes of blackcurrant and blueberry.
XII:  L’Heure Mystérieuse–The Mysterious Hour intoxicates with touches of jasmine and patchouli.
XIII: La Treizième Heure– The Thirteenth Hour seduces with notes of narcissus, leather and maté. The Treizieme Heure also references the address of Cartier’s historical flagship in Paris which is located at 13 Rue de la Paix.

Each exclusive bottle sells for $250 for 2.5 ounces. Over the next few years, two more fragrances will be released each year until all thirteen have been released.


Via: The Independent