Jeffrey Epstein’s Blue Ferrari Up for Grabs

We recently explored the legal troubles that billionaire philanthropist Jeffrey Epstein has found himself in, but now we’d like to explore what could very well be, in part, a result of these legal woes: Epstein has listed his Ferrari 575M Maranello up for sale for a very reasonable $159,000.

Epstein is currently under fire due to legal ramifications of being a convicted sexual offender, even after serving his time in jail. Alleged victims of the billionaire are now coming forward in civil suits, leaving Epstein with mounting legal bills. What is a person who owns 21 cars, three motorcycles and an RV to do? Sell one of your Ferrari’s of course!

It appears that is exactly what Epstein is doing according to documents that indicate he has transferred the car title to his pilot, Larry Visoksi, whose name is now listed as “the seller” of the Ferrari. The Ferrari is selling for just $159,000, which is certainly a reasonable price considering the car only has 5,000 miles on it. So if owning a convicted sex offender’s car doesn’t bother you in the least, head over to the Upper East Side where the car is located and tell them you’re looking for Visoksi and that it’s about a car.