How You Like Them Beans?

Think your quick jaunt to grab a cup of coffee was expensive this morning? A little perspective: Japanese café chain Saza Coffee Co plans to sell Panama’s Esmeralda Especial coffee beans for approximately $18 per cup, starting today.

We’ve all heard the gasps at our local coffee spots from people shocked by the $5 cup of coffee they are about to consume with a sprinkle of guilt for the expense. Now, for some, that sprinkle may turn into a landslide as Japanese café chain operator Saza Coffee Co plans to sell Panama’s Esmeralda Especial coffee beans for $18 per cup. The beans…not an already perfectly brewed cup of coffee poured with a smile for you, no, just the beans.

The coffee company plans to enforce this price as of today, December 2, so look out if you’re in the market for some prime Panamanian coffee beans. Saza is reportedly the first company in Japan to buy the high-quality beans through an auction, and their price was not laughing matter either. The company reportedly purchased the beans for $117.50 per pound, nearly 100 times more than the cost of average coffee beans.

While some reports are indicating this may be the new world record holder for the most expensive coffee, there are actually others that give it a run for its caffeine infused money. In London, a shot of extremely rare Caffe Raro espresso can be enjoyed in the Peter Jones department store in Sloane Square for around $80. Of course, this isn’t just any espresso, it’s been created by internationally-renowned barista David Cooper who blended Jamaican Blue Mountain and the exclusive Kopi Luwak bean. It’s also an espresso for a great purpose as all proceeds from these London based coffee sales are donated to Macmillan Cancer support.


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