Hennessey Adds Gold to the Holidays

Last minute holiday shopping is almost inevitable as schedules fill up and calendar pages keep turning as the month whizzes by us. If you’re still in the predicament of trying to finding something adequately haute  for someone in your life, then you may just be in luck because what Hennessey is offering could put an immediate end to your tireless gift search.

Hennessey’s new luminous decanter covered in gold and filled with Paradis Horus would certainly be an original gift to give that person who always says they don’t need anything this year. Pretty much everyone could find a use for one of these I think.

The packaging was designed by an Italian named Ferruccio Laviani, and inside you’ll find Paradis Horus, an exceptional cognac developed from a “masterly assemblage of hundreds of rare eaux-de-vie perfectly aged for 25 to 130 years.”

The name Paradis Horus comes from the mythological god who represents the sun and Hennessy has chosen one of the most magnificent cognac decanters ever imagined, reminiscent of ancient statues, to hold the cognac that goes beyond compare. The decanter is topped with an oversized cap and plated in 18 carat gold.