Haute 5 Comfort Foods in San Fran: Because Who Doesn’t Need a Little Comfort During the Holidays?

Not Your Kid’s Mac-n-Cheese


So clearly, these days, truffle is the way to go when opting to class up anything formerly considered food for the masses, and with that in mind, we come to my most favorite category of comfort foods: mac-n-cheese. And all I can say is thank goodness this rich, creamy side has graduated from its time spent as an orange, powdery substance in foil package and cardboard box, because when its time to gorge on foods for comfort, the hauter the better. Not only does the truffle make it sounds fancier when reporting on your pig out session to friends, it really does make it taste better too.

Attempting to enhance the flavors even more, Circa offers a Lobster and White Truffle Mac-n-Cheese. It is a dish so rich and so properly executed that it consistently appears on Top 10 lists, although considering the recent change in ownership, we will be keep a watchful eye on what happens to this cheesy delight. And though we should spread the love somewhat, we must mention Epic once more for their commendable take on our haute comfort food.