Haute 5 Comfort Foods in San Fran: Because Who Doesn’t Need a Little Comfort During the Holidays?

Without a doubt, comfort foods come in handy many times throughout the year. When a relationship breaks up we can’t reach for the Ben & Jerry’s fast enough. When a hangover kicks in, only the greasy fried goodness of a burger and fries will do. When our beloved furry friends bid this world adieu, well, for that, there is almost no food that can cure our aching hearts.

So come December, let the feasting begin. The culinary delights that await us in the festive holiday month serve to not only pay homage to childhood memories of traditional holiday meals, but can also offer temporary relief from the stress that can sometime accompany the holidays.

Considering that it is almost time to travel and spend endless hours with family members who may or may not drive us to drink, here is a list of some of our favorite foods that may offer a bit of comfort this month.

You Say Potato, I say Potato too


We really don’t care how you pronounce it, what matters most is that you find a place on your plate for it. Growing up in the South, the version of this carb that made an appearance at our dinner table on a weekly basis was mashed with lakes of homemade flour gravy, and thus remains a favorite, though not quite as haute as the offerings that grace today’s gourmet menus. Take, for example, the potato creations coming out of Pat Kuleto’s Epic Roasthouse, with a whole menu section dedicated to the brown eyed blobs. Chef Jan Birnbaum includes everything from Truffle Whipped Potatoes to a Potato Onion Pie for four. Naturally baked, scallop au gratin, and steak fries demand attention too.

Of course Chef Michael Mina does not disappoint in our cravings for gourmet comfort foods, offering Cardoons and New Crop Potatoes with Black Truffle Emulsion, Aged Pecorino, and Wild Arugula on his New Year’s Eve menu at RN74. Not to be outdone, executive chef Gregory Short delivers Truffle Potato Salad to his haute diners at Masa’s that is also worthy of some ink.