Haute 5 Brunches in NYC

Saturdays at Revel

Not your auntieʼs tea party.

Women grab your Herve Leger and over-the-knee boots! Men, grab your freshly pressed
Armani and freshly polished Churchs. Lightweights heed a fare warning. This brunch held every Saturday from 12pm – 8pm, by the fantastic duo Derek and Daniel Koch.

Reserve an afternoon for sparkler attired magnums of Don Perignon flowing from a tower of champagne flutes, 3-Liter Rose Bottles and endless toasts to joie de vivre. As the afternoon progresses DJ Serebe cranks the music to aspiring chair dancing heights.

Donʼt forget to eat, as Sunday morning could be harsh. House favorites are Tuna and Salmon Tartare and Lobster Tail with Spaghetti. The Koch Brothers are no stranger to accommodating celebrities, including Mickey Rourke, Anna Pacquin, and the Gypsy Kings. Table reservations only unless you care to stand as an onlooker over the velvet rope.

Revel by Steven B. Ekerovich
Revel, 10 Little W 12th Street (Meatpacking, between 9th Avenue and Washington)