H. Stern’s Grupo Corpo Collaboration

As one of the most luxurious jewelry designer’s in the world, H. Stern has formed partnerships with some serious contenders in the future to create collaborations that go beyond imagination. In September, H. Stern released their latest collection and collaboration with famed Brazilian Dance troupe, Grupo Corpo that has everyone’s heads spinning with excitement.

As one of the most successful and exclusive jewelry brands in the world, H. Stern has an unparalleled ability to combine innovative techniques with contemporary design, making them incredibly popular among collectors, critics, and celebrities alike.

Coming off the enormous success of H. Stern’s collection inspired by Diane von Furstenberg, H. Stern’s newest collaboration with Grupo Corpo focuses on “passion and subtlety, edgy aesthetics, and a constant, underlying theme of teamwork.”

Both Brazilian brands are internationally recognized and revered for their “deeply ingrained philosophies of top-to-bottom focus on creativity and dedication to quality, and their similarities run as deep as their roots.” This common ground is the basis for what is turning out to be a wildly popular and beautiful collection.

H. Stern’s jewelry design team spent countless hours researching and observing the dance team’s physical and multisensory performances to ensure that everything was taken into consideration to allow for an “all-inclusive, luxury interpretation of the art form.” With rich 18K yellow and Noble Gold as dominant hues of the collection, each piece is divinely representative of the human body in motion expressing the fluidity of movement in design as well as dance. The hues are elegantly highlighted by “subtle, monochromatic tones of diamonds and colored gemstones.

The collection was released in September 2009 and is available exclusively in H. Stern’s New York and Miami boutiques, with price points ranging from $500 to $120,000.

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