Great Whale Cay Island for Sale in Bahamas

Great Whale Cay Island has been listed for sale in the Bahamas and for $80 million you can own 850 acres of land with substantial cliffs, deep-water moorings, and some of the best beaches in the Caribbean.

The L-shaped island once belongs to “Joe” Carstairs, heiress of the Standard Oil fortune, and was a popular destination of the Duke and Duchess of Windsor back in the 1940s. The island features historic buildings including a great house, lighthouse, and church, rare flora and fauna, water sports, and diving facilities. If you’re wondering how you would make your way home to the island if you buy it, don’t worry, there is a private paved airstrip.

The island is being sold with outline planning consent so whomever purchases it will have the option of developing the land into a “luxury private island resort, with commercially operated airstrip, marina, hotel, and resort homes.”

The island is a short 50-minute flight from Florida and 10 minutes from Nassau. It appeared on the market privately last week, and there has already been a great deal of interest. On an acre basis, it’s reported that $80 million is actually quite cheap for an island such as Great Whale Cay, especially when you consider that 350-acre Bell Island sold for $70 million last year.