Gordon Ramsay’s Love Affair with Television

Known around the world for his exquisite cooking skills, exceptional business mind, and quick bark, chef Gordon Ramsay isn’t letting his latest restaurant woes bring him down. With his television shows boiling ratings faster than his pans can even come to a simmer, Ramsay is letting the world know he’s no fool.

With the recent explosion of reality television shows taking over the small screen, Ramsay’s numerous shows are certainly helping to keep the fiery chef afloat. Financial fiascos have followed the British star since the beginning of his career, and what better way to fight them than to make copious amounts of dough the easiest and quickest way possible? “You tell me a chef anywhere in the world that’s prepared to turn down a quarter of a million dollars for an hour’s work on TV, and there’s the biggest lying bastard that every put on a chef’s jacket,” says Ramsay. Touché.

Despite his candor on the matter, Ramsay doesn’t deny that with the success of his television shows comes added pressure for his restaurants. Vicious circle, complete. In reference to his more recent restaurant troubles, Ramsay says, “It’s not great for you to go bankrupt if you’re making a show called Kitchen Nightmares and advising people on how to fix their businesses.”  It’s reported that in order to avert bankruptcy, Ramsay and his father-in-law spent approximately $14 million of their personal savings.

It’s truly a case of a tumultuous love affair for Ramsay and television. While filming a show in Los Angeles earlier this year, one of Ramsay’s restaurants was floundering at the same time; so how did the celeb chef deal with the matter? By waking up at 4:30am in Malibu and wearing a black vest loaded with 20 kilograms of weights. Whether that was due to the stress of the restaurant drama, or trying to make sure he looks fit on television, only Ramsay knows.