Glenfiddich 50-Year Sold for $38,000

 When it comes to amazingly rare single malt scotch whiskey, some people are going to pay top dollar. When it comes to amazingly rare single malt scotch whiskey which is being auctioned off for charity, fortunately, some people are going to pay top dollar, and then some.

Just recently, Glenfiddich released the 2009 expression of its 50-year single malt scotch whiskey in very limited release and as part of the exclusive launch; one bottle was auctioned off for charity. The auction was designed to have two primary functions; first to promote the new-old product which was drawn from two 50-year-old casks in Warehouse 8, and second to raise funds for Friends of Scotland, a charity founded by legendary actor Sean Connery.

So just how much is someone willing to pay at auction in honor of both events? Well, this time around the result was a $38,000 bid for one bottle of scotch, although I know a few people who would probably say, “It’s not just one bottle of scotch, it’s a 50-year-old single malt scotch whiskey!” I stand corrected. It’s also reported that Sean Connery will be personally writing a letter of thanks to the lucky buyer who dramatically helped to raise funds for the charity.

If you weren’t that high-rolling single malt aficionado who dropped $38,000 for the auctioned bottle of Glenfiddich but you’d still like to try some, at the present time there are only three locations in the United States where Glenfiddich 50-year is served by the glass: The Mandarin Oriental in New York, The Fontainebleau Hotel in Miami, and the Peninsula Hotel in Los Angles.