Gift Guide: Luxury Home Accessories for Christmas

Christmas is a mere 21 days away and that means that many people have one thing on their mind: great gifts. Here is a rundown of some of the most luxurious gifts to make any home special during the holidays and year round.

If you’re in the market for some exquisite home furnishings, or even know someone who needs something special to make their home that extra bit more luxurious this Christmas, we have some great ideas for you. Of course, this list is also helpful when people ask you that annual never-easy-to-answer question, “So, what do you want for Christmas this year?”

Geniesys Optimax II Projector & Docking Speaker for iPod

Great for anyone who has an iPod and wants to enjoy watching some video clips without the hassle of passing around their iPod to share it with friends, the iPod projector dock called the Geniesys Optimax II is ideal. The machine projects video up to 32 inches wide directly from your iPod. The dock also features speakers that can deliver incredible sound to enhance your viewing experience, or to be used as a sound box if you want to use it for background music in your home when it isn’t projecting a video. The Geniesys Optimax II costs $281.


Diva Lamp and Music system

Sleek and practical, the Diva Lamp and Music system is a great addition to any bedside table. Designed by Dante Donegani and Giovanni Lauda, the Diva is a beautiful, modern, multi-functional reading lamp that plays music from your iPod or iPhone, and also has a radio and a clock. Built in speakers help to amplify music and all controls function by way of an infrared remote. There is also a 3.5mm jack so you can connect the Diva to other music players or your computer. The retractable reading lamp works on a 4.5W, energy efficient LED. The Diva costs $624.


Lux Shower System

Built by Korean manufacturer, Cebien, the Lux Shower System is a unique way to accessorize and glam-up your daily bathing routine. The Lux is fitted with motion sensors that allow the system to light up LEDs and fill your shower area with white light. The Lux additional bring versatility to your bathroom as it functions as a ceiling shower head, waterfall faucet, hand shower, and body sprays. The Lux Shower System costs $855.


ChefStack Automatic Pancake Machine

If the picture alone isn’t enough to convince you the ChefStack Automatic Pancake Machine is an incredibly innovative and fun gift for the holidays, I’m not sure what will. The ChefStack is a perfect way to be able to enjoy breakfast without the hassle of slaving over the stove one pancake at a time. You’re only job? Turning the machine on and making sure it has batter pouches in it; after that, the machine takes an astoundingly quick 30 seconds to pop your pancakes out. If all of that wasn’t enough to convince you this is a great gift idea, then how about the fact that the pancakes are 97% fat-free. The ChefStack Automatic Pancake Machine costs $3,500.


Smart Faucet

As you get ready for work in the morning, wouldn’t it be nice if you could check your emails even before you grab your morning coffee? Ok, so some people may be screaming “No!” but for those of us who would find it helpful, there is the Smart Faucet. The machine will replace your run-of-the-mill faucet and add a sleek touch of innovative genius. Created with a touch screen, the Smart Faucet has a face recognition feature that will automatically recognize the user and flow water according to the user’s preferred temperature and flow intensity. The touch screen also allows for checking emails and viewing a display of the outside temperature.


Vismara Ciaika Coffee Table

This is one coffee table every living room could use. The Vismara Ciaika coffee table not only looks amazing, but it also contains an incredible amount of space meaning your living room can always be organized while still having easy access to the things you need. The coffee table has four side doors and two surface doors that open up to a significant amount of storage space, large enough to store 800 CDs or 378 DVD’s and can also hold bar equipment and magazines. The Vismara Ciaika coffee table sells for $4,295.


Man Wall

The name says it all. The Man Wall is perfect for sports enthusiasts who just cannot get enough of their favorite sports broadcasting. The Man Wall comes out of Hybrid Space Furniture in Florida and features an array of systems that include entertainment, mini bar, and even a sports ticker. Everything is conveniently located inside a single integrated unit for space efficiency. The Man Wall includes four TVs, a DVD player with 5-CD changer, Panasonic 5.1 home theater system, a full-size, built-in beer keg with a refrigerator and tap, a live sports ticket, a microwave oven, two cigar humidors, a five-speaker home theater surround system, two wireless surround speakers, and iPod docking station and a 32-bottle wine rack.  This can all be yours for $14, 900.

Athena Multimedia Sofa

Like to relax on your couch, but feel the need to check into work or friends online every once in a while? No problem. The Athena Multimedia Sofa Couch is a luxurious looking and exceptionally functional couch that features multimedia touch screen computers at either end. The computers function just like typical computer (except you don’t have to balance them on your knees while you enjoy television), and they even beam out satellite TV. The Athena Multimedia Sofa costs $15,436.


Carmenta’s Revolution Luxury Spa

Carmenta’s Revolution Luxury Spa is quite simply a home spa you’ll never want to leave. The beautiful spa features an LCD TV and an iPod dock to keep you entertained while you relax. Carmenta is an Italian manufacturer responsible for this fantastic home accessory which also includes a dry sauna, steam bath, and shower replete with LED lights for illumination.


Via: Born Rich