French Student Designs IKKAR Hybrid Yacht

A very talented design student in France has come up with a hybrid yacht concept that maintains all of the same luxurious components of a regular yacht, but with a twist.

Julien Anglade is the mastermind behind the new concept of the hybrid yacht, and as a student at Strate College in Sèvres, the innovative designer has come up with a 150-meter IKKAR that accommodates 50 people and a crew of 60 without sacrificing any of the regular aspects of luxury living on a yacht.

The ship has been cleverly designed to change shape according to her position; when in port or at anchor offshore, the sides of the hull will “open at the waterline nearly the entire length of the craft to create a massive, malleable entertaining space.” When the vessel is a low speed, the sides will gradually fall back. The yacht has been designed so that  each suite faces the sea and features a large private terrace. All railings on the boat are translucent and the infinity pool is located towards the front of the yacht with an elevated walk “giving the impression that one is floating on the water.” The mainsail is made of rigid photovoltaic cells contributes to the power for the boat.

Anglade designed the main deck of the yacht in homage to the architecture of Frank Gehry and Norman Foster. The entire yacht features clean lines and open space to “minimize the barrier between man and sea and maximize the views of the constantly changing horizon.”