Thomas Keller’s French Laundry Continues to Satisfy

When you’re widely considered one of the best restaurants in the country, the need to stay on your toes and keep fresh is imperative. People can be cruel, and if your restaurant doesn’t keep up with increasingly demanding diners, you’re out of luck. Fortunately for Thomas Keller, his restaurant French Laundry is always way ahead of the game.

Widely regarded as one of the most magnificent and talented chefs in the world, Thomas Keller continues to provide nothing short of the best in flavors, atmosphere, and service for his patrons. His infamous San Francisco locale, French Laundry, has just undergone what could have been a major turning point when the former chef de cuisine, Corey Lee, departed to open his own restaurant. But crisis was clearly averted as Keller brought in Timothy Hollingsworth to be chef de cuisine and new reviews have been equally positive as always.

Hollingsworth has changed the menu a little since his arrival at French Laundry, but of course “within the impeccable sensibilities of its owner,” Keller. A recent review of the restaurant notes that “because of the whimsy that’s incorporated into each dish and the countenance of the finely tuned staff, it never feels pretentious and stuffy.” But don’t be mistaken, French Laundry is unlike other restaurants that have loosened the rules of fine dining. At French Laundry jeans are forbidden and men are still required to wear jackets.  

In terms of the restaurant’s food, there is no denying that as the restaurant matures, it gets better. “No corners are cut in the selection of the ingredients, some of which come from the manicured gardens across the street, in the precise and exacting preparations or in the surroundings. French Laundry remains a place where the reality always lives up to the fantasy.”