Fontainebleau’s Voluntary Resort Charges

Recent reviews posted on the typically-reliable TripAdvisor site are indicating that Miami’s Fontainebleau Resort may be banking on its guests to help with their $1 billion renovation bill a little more than some appreciate. If you have plans to go there anytime soon, or if you’re just wondering what exactly a voluntary resort charge is, keep reading.

With all of the buzz surrounding the Fontainebleau’s financial woes after their massive renovation, it has been brought to our attention that recent guests of the Miami hotel have been informed of a new voluntary resort fee which will become mandatory in May 2010.

According to reviews, a $12.95 fee includes unlimited internet access on the in-room iMac, beach chairs, free daily newspaper, and access to the gym. Since the charge is voluntary right now, guests have to make the decision about whether that is actually a better deal than doing things a la carte because the Fontainebleau does have some stiff additional prices for most of them amenities. Some of these charges include $32 for hotel parking, $13.95 for in-room internet if you want to use your own laptop, $8 baggage fee per person, per visit to store your luggage, and $15 to access the gym.

As someone who lives in Miami and knows what things cost down here, I would have to argue that while making that resort charge mandatory may be a bit excessive, things in South Beach do cost a lot more than elsewhere, and if you’re planning on staying in a nice hotel anywhere along the beach, be prepared for charges similar to the Fontainebleau’s. It may be annoying for some guests, but it’s just a reality of visiting Miami if you stay at certain hotels.

If you’ve stayed at the hotel recently, let us know if you encountered any such so-called voluntary charges.