Flying Private to the Fair

If the world’s most elite sports champions like Roger Federer, Tiger Woods, and Tom Brady not only endorse your brand with national print and TV ads, but are also professed customers as well, all signs would indicate that you are a champion standing tall in the winners circle.

Undoubtedly, Haute Living readers are already well versed in the language of fractional jet ownership, and thereby are certainly familiar with the pioneer of the industry, NetJets, Inc. We could spend this time recapping the company background, and writing endless paragraphs about the services they offer, but that would make for quite the boring read for most of you. If you don’t already know that NetJets can have your aircraft ready to whisk you away in as little as four hours, or that they offer the largest, most diversified private aircraft fleet in the world, then we suggest you peruse the private aviation archives on to educate yourself just a bit before continuing, because there’s nothing worse than a poorly trained novice jumping in the ring to play with the big boys who own expensive toys.

No dear readers, the purpose of this article is not to offer advice on private aviation 101. Whom we are addressing in this issue are the elitist of the elite, the most important VIPs, the private flyers who do not need to impress the masses with their private plane status; they need to impress their board and shareholders with sophisticated and savvy corporate strategies.

For those readers who understand that the ultimate luxuries are time and the opportunity to engage with the world at the highest level, we are taking you behind the velvet ropes of being a NetJets owner at some of their most exclusive events throughout the country. A private Jonas Brothers concert for your tween? Personal time with Federer on the courts? Or how about batting and pitching with Red Sox legends at Fenway Park? Membership certainly has its privileges and for those who posses a fancy to be tickled by art, welcome to America’s most exhilarating week of the entire year: Art Basel Miami Beach.

The recognition of this event has evolved to gargantuan proportions since its inception in 2002 and has enamored New Yorkers and South Floridians alike, along with a global who’s who comprised of artists, collectors, celebrities, architects, and designers. NetJets has been there since the beginning, supporting the show each year as one of its main corporate sponsors. “The fair has grown immensely over the years and NetJets is proud to be a part of that success,” NetJets told Haute Living in an exclusive interview. “This success demonstrates the influence and reach of Art Basel Miami Beach, which has emerged as one of the most significant annual art shows in the world.”