Five Guys Welcomed to the Neighborhood

Midtown East was excitedly welcoming their new neighbors last week as Five Guys moved in next door—and just not any five guys, Five Guys the restaurant that serves up some of the juiciest burgers anywhere. These Five Guys are guaranteed to have no problems making friends.

After what seemed to be many months of meat-agony and anticipations, burger lovers of Midtown East finally have a place to go with the grand opening of the new Five Guys restaurant located on 3rd Avenue between 43 and 44 Street.

While one customer reported that the popular burger joint wasn’t as crowded as expected, it’s likely that will remain true as news spreads of the new guys who arrived in town. It is being reported that this new location of Five Guys is adequately staffed so patrons most likely won’t have too many issues with waiting in line for their succulent and juicy burgers. I can hear Five Guy’s fanatics rejoicing already.

The first Five guys located was opening in Arlington, VA in 1986, and between that year and 2001, Five Guys opened five more locations around the DC metro-area perfecting their business of burger-making, and gradually expanding their loyal customer following. Today, Five Guys expands to over 450 locations in over 30 states.

Five Guys only uses fresh, never frozen, ground beef. If you look for a freezer in a Five Guys location, you won’t find one—you’ll only find coolers since nothing is ever frozen. The restaurants all use only Peanut oil and everything on their menu is trans-fat free. Head over to their new Midtown East location and give them a warm welcome to the neighborhood.


Via: Five Guys