Ferrari Helps Formula 1 Drivers Improve Their Skill

Ferrari has launched a brand new simulator which is intended to further improve upon the already impeccable driving skills of Formula 1 teams and to ensure safe and accurate competitive racing.

The first virtual lap driven on Ferrari’s new simulator machine was driven by Ferrari CEO Andrea Bertolini. Built with the technological help of Moog, the simulator features equipment which produces required images and sound to make the driving experience as close to reality as possible. It comes fitted with a Dolby Surround 7.1 sound system of 3,500 W.

Fitted on a specially designed and built base, the high-tech simulator weighs two hundred tons. It is currently being kept in a building which reportedly has its own control room.  The platform of the simulator alone takes up approximately eight meters in width and length and six meters in height and the lucky drivers of this innovative creation sit in front of five displays, providing the rider with more than 180 degrees of viewing angle.