Fashion’s (Mini) It Girl

Barbie has always been a fashion maven.  Constantly ahead of her time and sought after by fashionistas around the world, Barbie has really upped the ante.  Recently, she’s been seen working with Christian Louboutin on a line of shoes and a book, called “My Year in Paris with Christian Louboutin.”  (The book features images of the two together on all sorts of adventures like breaking into a building, dancing on the main stage, and, of course, shoe shopping)

barbie-comme-des-garcons-1Now, she’s the apple of another designer’s eye – Commes des Garcons.  It’s hard work being such a tiny, plastic muse, but Barbie does it with flair.  They’ve created a Jingle Flowers dress pattern for Barbie that will be sold in all of Comme des Garcons stores for the holiday season.  The flower pattern carries over into a number of other accessories including wallets and T-shirts, but the real prize is, of course, the mini fashion muse.

2009 brought a whole new Barbie our way, can’t wait to see what kind of trouble she gets into in 2010.