Cigarette Racing Boat Inspired by Mercedes AMG

Sometimes all it takes to warm our haute hearts is a great collaboration between two power houses. So you can imagine our excitement when we heard that Cigarette racing boats will be teaming up with Mercedes’ AMG to unveil a new boat at Miami’s International Boat Show in February.

When two companies that stand strongly on their own join forces, it’s often a moment we won’t soon forget. That is what is expected from the latest collaboration to surface between Mercedes’ AMG and Cigarette racing boats.

Set to be unveiled during the Miami International Boat Show in February, the dynamic duo have introduced a “Cigarette racing boat inspired by AMG” which will emulate the vast depth of technological innovations on the gullwinged SLS AMG and go more than 120 mph. “The offshore racer will feature more than 100 innovations included in the design, development, and rigging of the boat.”

The Cigarette website notes that “while their playgrounds are as different as asphalt and water, their philosophies regarding performance and luxury are one in the same.” Mercedes AMG hand assembles each engine it produces and Cigarette Racing hand crafts Performance Boats eight times a year culminating in a legendary collaboration that will revolutionize high performance boating and “showcase a new level of Performance and Luxury.”

Via: Cigarette Racing