Armani Brings Geometrics Back

Wardrobes are about to be bombarded with geometrics and it’s all thanks to legendary designer Giorgio Armani and his take on what it looks like to be a modern woman. Armani’s upcoming Spring and Summer collection is filled to the nines with fun and flirty pieces including dresses, tops, and skirts that will make you feel as if you’ve gone to perfectly and uniquely- shaped and constructed heaven. Each piece is said to have been derived from Bauhaus, a German giant with elemental designs that are both flawless and fascinating.

Each skirt in the collection emphasizes the three-dimensional form of the female body because of the geometric design’s ability to move and hug in all the right places. And the dresses are cut both classically as well as contemporarily, resulting in a perfect example of what it means to live in an ultra modern society while still sticking to traditional, and time-honored roots in the always changing fashion world. Armani has truly found the perfect balance. And the fabrics and colors are as diverse as ever, ranging from taffeta to double chiffon, and from strong, prominent royal blues to softer, gentler baby pinks and purple hues. The embroidery details are also immaculate, highlighting the perfect areas of each piece and adding that extra oomph to the garments. Armani’s designs are always a point, no fashionista would argue with that, but this particular collection is sure to have even more than just the fashionistas buzzing with excitement. The rest of the art and design world will also be completely blown away by Armani’s latest collection. Whoever said fashion wasn’t a form of art had probably never seen Armani designs at their finest, but his new collection is most certainly the perfect way to put any remaining doubts to rest.

Via: Just Luxe, Giorgio Armani