Ad Agency “Predicts” 2010 Culinary Trends

Well, we just can’t stop reporting on the news that is exploding the culinary world of the West Coast. In the lastest tidbit from the L.A. Times, we have learned the predicted trends in the world of epicure for 2010 include dining on the swine.

Numbers from advertising agency J. Walter Thompson, who, it should be noted, count food giants Nestle, Kellogg’s, and Kraft among its clients, have proclaimed that bacon is on its way back in. Considering their client list, a clever marketing ploy might possibly be in play here, and perhaps the real news is more of a “heads up” reccomendation to keep your eyes and ears open for new bacon items from one of J. Walter Thompson’s top three money-makers.

In what may perhaps prove itself to be quite the strategic move, the ad agency indicates that bacon will demonstrate itself to be than just the main ingredient of a BLT in 2010, with products like bacon-infused liquor, or dessert items like bacon chocolate bars and bacon-and-egg ice cream hitting store shelves.

Another culinary trend that the ad agency is “predicting” will be hot in the coming year is the wine cocktail. Reminiscent of the wine spritzer that took such a beating in the 90s, wine cocktails are a blend of fine wines with juice, sodas, or distilled spirits.

Somehow the company also had no qualms about claiming to be trend predictors by alerting us to the fact that sardines will replace tuna in 2010. Could there be a new Nestle sardine bar on the way?

Via LA Times