Your Time Has Come, Orso

Orso restaurant in West Hollywood has turned twenty this year and with its shift from teenage-hood comes great changes – not least of which is new ownership.  Sean MacPherson of Bar Lubitsch, Jones, El Carmen, The Roger Room, among others, has taken over Orso with plans to bring in a new and improved Italian eatery all his own.  MacPherson has, in recent memory, put in bids to also take ownership of Yamashiro and the Magic Castle, but there has been no final say on whether or not his coup of the dining and drinking scene in the hills will take place just yet.

Orso, however, is his.  What was once a quite decent Italian restaurant with a covetable courtyard that attracted celebrities and their agents will now undergo a makeover hopefully bringing the kind of atmosphere that Orso had just slightly missed.  Its prime location should only serve to help MacPherson’s takeover with Locanda Veneta, BreadBar, and Barefoot all nearby.  The restaurant’s locations in New York and London are still both going strong.

MacPherson’s move to Los Angeles came after a very successful string of hotels in New York with partner Eric Goode including The Jane Hotel, the Bowery Hotel, the Maritime Hotel, alongside B Bar and The Park.  Since his move to LA, MacPherson has kept the momentum going by associating himself with equally winning projects alongside Jared Meisler of Winston’s, Bar Lubitsch, and The Roger Room.