Three Holiday Cheers for Bentley’s Charitable Spirit

The holidays tend to conjure up some good old fashion charitable spirit in most of us, but Bentley has taken that spirit and actually done something about it. The British car maker has generously completed a luxurious renovation of a London Routemaster double-decker bus for the hospice St. Lukes. 

St. Luke’s hospice acquired a London Routemaster double-decker red bus in April and requested that Bentley help give it some TLC in the form of a luxury renovation. Bentley quickly jumped on board for the project and began working on plans to give the run-down bus a whole new deluxe makeover.

The project required the laborious efforts of 59 workers and took around 2,000 hours to complete. Bentley used hand stitched leather with the St. Luke’s and Bentley logos to overhaul the interior of the bus, while craftsmen from the firm’s woodshop, tool room, and maintenance departments developed custom-made surfaces for larger details such as rails, a kitchen unit, and shelves.

The double-decker will be used by the hospice as a traveling shop for colleges and universities in addition to being used as an education and awareness base when it visits schools and other events.


Via: Luxury Launches