The Mondrian’s Luxury Vending Machine

Here’s a vending machine you really don’t want to have to beat down to get your dollar to work. The Mondrian South Beach will be restocking their luxury vending machine during Art Basel, and during this time it will be run by Interview Magazine providing a whole new array of goodies.

While the innovative machine, dubbed the “Semi Automatic,” typically spits out items such as a $400 marabou feather vest, $75 fake lashes, $350 24-karat gold handcuffs, and even the keys to a $90,000 Bentley Arnage T (yes, for real); over the weekend of December 3 – 6, the machine will be completely restocked by the magazine and will include some treats you may not want to miss either.

During Art Basel, guests of the hotel, and other curious minds, can have a chance at grabbing items such as: Pringle of Scotland T-shirts designed by artist David Shrigley, art from the Gossip Girl set, vintage issues of Interview magazine, Vena Cava shoes, and copies of Madonna’s Sex book.

Although the concept is the same as your run-of-the-mill vending machine, this one actually features a touch screen and with the swipe of your credit card, luxurious items are plucked from a shelf by a futuristic mechanical metal arm which then drops the item into an immaculate white receptacle.

Via: Miami New Times