Talking Points (and Stars) With Chef Daniel Boulud

Life after earning 3 Michelin stars can certainly be rewarding, but it can also be fun. Tonight, night owls can enjoy Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, as he will be welcoming one of our favorite, and extremely talented, men, Chef Daniel Boulud.

On this evening’s show with comedian Jimmy Fallon, Chef Boulud will be showing America some of his favorite ways to handle holiday season leftovers. Its likely guests will receive some excellent advice from the chef who now holds 3 Michelin stars for his respected restaurants, Daniel. The famous chef will also be announcing an exciting new project called “Text A Turkey” which is a holiday donation program he is involved in with Citymeals-on-Wheels and American Airlines. The admirable project is a sweepstakes that anyone can enter by simply texting a number and donating to Citymeals.

Despite his new Michelin nod of excellence, Boulud doesn’t think that anything has really change since the 3rd Michelin star was added to his New York restaurant, Daniel. “For me and my team, the pride we had for the restaurant did not start with the 3rd Michelin star; it started a long time ago. Even though it is like our “Grand Slam” we have taken it all in stride.” Modest man, but certainly worthy of this “Grand Slam,” as he calls it.

Achieving amazing success and recognition just doesn’t seem enough for Boulud who has multiple endeavors coming into play. For instance, there was a recent announcement that Chef Boulud, Chef Wolfgang Puck, and Chef Mario Batali will all be opening restaurants within the same resort in Singapore, The Marina Bay Sands. Boulud says he thinks it’s amazing how well represented America will be in this project, and adds, “It says a lot about how the US is considered internationally on a culinary level. I really look forward to working in such great company!”

While he may be looking forward to joining forces with some top American chefs in Singapore, Boulud notes that he doesn’t really “think there is any difference between French and American cuisine.” While some of us foie gras lovers may respectfully disagree, Boulud continues to explain by saying, “French cuisine was always about discipline, about ingredient, about creativity, but also about simple. I see America as very similar in these rights. It’s also great to see more Americans being inspired to try cooking at home and eating better food.”

Watch Late Night with Jimmy Fallon tonight to hear more from Chef Boulud. The show airs at 11:35pm Central on NBC.