Swimming in the Lap of Luxury

And Alderete clients are certainly happy customers. With many people building greener homes, pools and backyard living spaces can no longer be ignored when it comes to being energy efficient as well. Alderete Pools is ahead of the game when it comes to providing eco-friendly yet luxurious outdoor options. Their new multi-speed pool pump runs at very minimal speeds for a longer period of time, which ultimately results in a significant decrease in electricity and energy use for homeowners.

Among other initiatives, the company is expanding its repertoire to include designs that blend and incorporate fire with water. “There is a new trend in our market where everyone is leaning towards fire pots, fire walls, fire pits, and anything that combines those elements,” says Shea. In addition, Alderete’s unique Zero Edge pool designs offer a mesmerizing visual effect that intrigues their elite client base. With vanishing edges on all sides, Zero Edge pools are extremely modern and sleek, but also incredibly labor intensive. “We use one-by-one ceramic glass tiles and it’s very important to get the tiling right. If you don’t, the water will not flow equally off the edges and will diminish some of the illusion of a Zero Edge pool.” A perfect example of when the family’s famed extra attention to detail is crucial to the end result of the project. Pool services have also evolved as Alderete Pools recently introduced GlassTec—their signature glass bead finish encased in colored plaster for the sides, bottoms, and steps of pools. This new design is not only visually pleasing but it also eliminates the rough surfaces that cause snags in high-end fashion swimwear.

At the end of the day, specializing in luxe, grand-scale pool and backyard projects for an elite clientele is the backbone their business. However, as Shea notes, nothing makes them stand out from the crowd more than their solid family values and the pride they bring to every job. With their family name behind each piece of work they complete, Shea notes, “knowing that it’s our family name on the line at the end of the day means we have to do good business.”

Alderete Pools