Soulful Star Does Fashion

Lovely R&B star Alicia Keys is making her design debut later this month. Best known for her hit albums and sexy songs like If I Ain’t Got You and No One, this beauty is expanding her horizons and will now influence the world through her jewelry, rather than her soulful piano-driven ballads.

After teaming up with jewelry designer Gisèle Theriault, the 12-time Grammy Award winner has scheduled to launch her new jewelry brand, The Barber’s Daughters Jewelry-named after the fact that both Theriault and Keys were the daughters of a barber. The jewelry brand will be a part of the company AK Worldwide, as they will be handling the singer’s non-musical projects.

The collection will consist of silver jewelry pieces including necklaces, earrings, rings, bracelets, and watches containing inspirational poetry inscriptions, quotes, and sayings that inspire hope and wisdom, and will also include prayers by Dr. Masaru Emoto, the author of “Hidden Messages in Water” (based on an eye-opening theory showing that water is connected to people’s individual consciousness). The collection will also feature-you guessed it-KEYS!

“It really explores the ways I can affect the world in a positive way, even outside of music,” says Keys. “It is really about finding ways to bring forth things into the world that will give you and all the people that encounter them, and myself, inspiration.”

“The words, when you read them, they really do resonate with you. They kind of inspire you to want to find that place in yourself,” she said while wearing a silver oval ring that read: “May you find inspiration and meaning soaked in the wonders of the imagination cradled in compassion of the heart and hold a will to make difference.”

The official launch will take place on Nov. 23 and 24 at the Collette Blanchard Gallery located in lower Manhattan at 26 Clinton Street. Keys will make an appearance at the 24th event, but there is yet to be any announcement of a musical performance. We’re thinking that art and fashion DO go hand-in-hand.

Via: WWD Fashion, The Barber’s Daughters