Sneak Peek: Christina Ricci’s Closet

Organizing one’s closet to perfectly compliment individual style, need for space, and functionality can be challenging (assuming we even get around to organizing, that is). Here’s a look inside how actress, Christina Ricci, has spruced up her closet space to suit her style.

Closet space can be a never-ending battle of “I have too many things, and not enough space,” or, “I have too much space and not enough to fill it.” Either way, it’s hard to get your closet just perfect. Here is a look inside how actress Christine Ricci dealt with her closet space problem.

With bright pink walls and expansive shoe racks along the back wall of the closet, Ricci has clearly prioritized two things in this closet: shoes, and space. The back wall of shoes has plenty of space in front of it so Ricci can browse through without tripping over things or being closed in. Almost reminiscent of an actual shoe store, the closet even has a seating option. In addition, by cleverly adding butterfly hooks to one side wall, Ricci has managed to conquer the tricky issue of where to store handbags. They are out of the way, nicely on display, and she has easy access to whichever one she wants to wear that day.  


Although I can’t see why she’d want to hide this closet space, especially if she keeps it as organized as it looks in these pictures; Ricci has added a matching curtain for privacy.


Via: The Spiel