Marino’s Pizza Endeavor

Las Vegas is a city that is, quite frankly, made up of risks. And as the saying goes, “you win some, you lose some.”  Restaurants, nightclubs, concept hotels, and countless other types of businesses open and close every day in the city of sins. With so many newcomers popping up every day, all dying to be the next top dog amongst a sea of already established ones, each day it becomes even more difficult a task to be considered bigger and better.

One of the more popular business ventures in Vegas are celeb-owned restaurants. Mesa Grill, AGO, and Sushi Roku are already well-established celeb-owned restaurants with a continuous flow of patrons and reservations alike. So it will be interesting to see how well former Miami Dolphins quarterback, Dan Marino’s restaurant, Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza will do.

Marino invested in the business with friend Anthony Bruno, whom he met when he was just beginning to play the field as a Dolphin. Anthony’s menu includes pizzas (duh) cooked in the coal-fired oven, as well gargantuan meatballs, broccoli and sausage, and his personal favorite, the family recipe-inspired eggplant parmesan.  Marino has been involved with and invested in several other restaurant endeavors throughout his career, including one already located in Vegas, Dan Marino’s Steakhouse, inside the Hooters Casino. He’s also had notable ties to restaurants in the South Florida area. Only time will tell if Anthony’s will hold up amidst the countless other pizza joints in Vegas-a city that, no matter what time of day, is filled with people walking, or shall I say stumbling, around craving a nice, cheesy slice of pizza and anything else with subtenant grease content. If Marino can handle a pizza joint like he throws a football, Anthony’s should be in the definite clear.

Via: Las Vegas Weekly