Manolo Blahnik Private Showing, San Francisco

If you were wondering where your girlfriend or wife was one afternoon recently, it’s probably safe to assume she was at Neiman Marcus, San Francisco. It wasn’t just a general shopping afternoon either. No, this was much more specified, and special, for women all over the Bay area who know and adore a beautiful pair of Manolo Blahnik’s.

Neiman Marcus recently hosted a private showing of Manolo Blahnik’s fall collection, and along with shoes galore, guests were privy to a personal appearance by George Malkemis, President of Manolo Blahnik, USA.

The women’s dream event included brunch bits, specialty drinks, and even a private shopping event with Malkemis as he helped individual women select unique styles. Malkemis also discussed the history of the company and presented a runway show to display what women around the world can expect from Manolo Blahnik this fall.

It’s safe to say that any request for addition closet space you may have received upon your girlfriend or wife’s return that day was not as random as you might have previously assumed.

Via: SFLuxe, NineFourFour