La Dolce Vita: Los Angeles Style

Los Angeles is a city obsessed with Italian restaurants – some argue that Giorgio’s is the only worthwhile eatery, others swear by Toscana, and there are staunch Madeo’s devotees. But you and your love of the sweet Italian way of life go way beyond a heaping Spaghetti alla Bolognese; you’re an Italian lover with a pride for the country that doesn’t necessarily come from your ancestry.  And you really will hit the next person who pronounces bruschetta incorrectly.

  • If you’ve stopped at all the restaurants above and you’re still craving Italian – you clearly mean business.  In Laurel Canyon, you’ll find the rustic Pace or head downtown for a taste of Drago Centro.  If you’d rather dine in West Hollywood, order your Brunello at Osteria la Buca.
  • Just as you would, were you living in Florence when you ran out of soap, stroll down to Santa Maria Novella.  The Melrose Place location is one of the only outposts outside Florence and here you’ll find scents and potions that will make you feel like Sophia Loren. Scoop up some rose water or perhaps one of their fragrances – the recipe for which hasn’t been changed since they were created for the Medici Family.  (Hint: great spot to find gifts!)
  • When you’re ready to cool your jets (Italian style), Il Cono in Beverly Hills or Pazzo Gelato in Silver Lake both provide creamy, authentic gelato that should do the trick.
  • No real Italian goes a day without an espresso, which is why it’s important you head into Silver Lake for LAMILL coffee, into Venice to try what they’re brewing at Intelligentsia, or to Caffe Luxxe in Santa Monica.  You’ll feel like calling passersby paesans and booking a ticket to the old country in no time.