Hermes Handbag Auction at Christie’s Kensington

The Hermes Birkin and Kelly are about to get another chance to prove themselves worthy of their extravagant price tags. Their infamous six-year waiting list is every haute lady’s bittersweet nightmare, but so worth the wait once this bperfect accessory is delicately displayed on your arm.

Ladies, sit down. On November 19, you can bid on your very on Birkin or Kelly at the auction at Christie’s South Kensington, London. There might not be a need to wait 6 endless years for your very own piece of heaven. And what’s even better is that these special bags come with character as they are vintage and were once owned by seasoned fashionistas. Make sure you bid high enough or the lucky gal sitting right next to you by steal your exclusive bag right from underneath you.

On December 9, at Christie’s Jewels sale, 23 rare Hermes handbags will be available for bidding including the Haut a Courroies travel bag first design in 1900, which no more than five are made a year, the classic Mini Kelly in Forest Green, and the Sac Malette style in brown, which once belonged to Charlie Chaplin’s wife. These bags are estimated to start at $4,000 and go up to more than $25,000, but at least you’ll know you can literally wear it forever.