Top Chef Finale Speculation

Try-outs for the highly anticipated new season of Bravo’s, Top Chef,  took place at the CLUB 50 in the Viceroy Miami on Monday, but over in Napa Valley, speculations surrounding the finale of this season were still floating around.

Four current members of Top Chef were spotted at San Francisco’s La Mar restaurant having lunch, making people wonder what they were even doing in town. Well, it has been confirmed now that the cast was in fact in town to shoot the finale, but not all speculation surrounding the show proved to be as accurate.

Presumptions were running wild after Gail Simmons and Ton Colicchio (judges on the show) had dinner with none other than Thomas Keller, Napa Valley’s king of cooking. Many believed Keller would be appearing as a guest judge for the finale—however, that proved to be unfounded. While Keller was indeed on the list of guest judges for the season, he did not actually make an appearance. Perhaps he’ll head over to Miami to surprise some unsuspecting new contestants this season?

Via: Eater