Russian Luxury Armored SUV: Pombron

Russian carmaker Dartz has come out with the world’s most expensive, luxurious, and strongest armored vehicle, the Monaco Red Diamond Edition called Pombron. After being renowned for reworking a version of the armored vehicle driven by Russian Tzar Nikolai II, the Dartz Kombat T98, they have now outdone themselves.

Their newest roadster is more of a tank masquerading a luxury SUV and features a matte ruby red paintjob, gold-plated bulletproof windows, 22’ Kremlin Red Star bulletproof wheels, tungsten and white gold gauges decorated with diamonds and rubies, an additional outside kevlar coating, custom Vertu mobile phone with a panic button, and “whale penis leather” interior. The over-the-top company has announced that the Red Diamond will be unveiled in the 2010 Top Marques show. On top of all these features, the vehicle also comes with three bottles of the world’s most expensive vodka, RussoBaltique.

It’s a reincarnation of RussoBaltique, which is the world’s oldest armored car brand founded a century ago in Latvia, that gained popularity as the tanks used by Tzars Nikolai II, Lenin, and Trotsky.

Via: Luxist