Daryl Hannah and Hilary Shepard bring you “Liebrary”

Chicago born actress, Daryl Hannah has been quite the busy entrepreneur. Along with co-creator, longtime friend, and fellow actress, Hilary Shepard, Hannah has created her second board game entitled Liebrary, widening the edges of her already jam-packed resume.

Scheduled to appear in the upcoming film, Shannon’s Rainbow, with Haute Living’s own New York cover profile entrepreneur, Stewart Rahr, Hannah has created the perfect holiday gift. Liebrary stems from Hannah’s own passion for games and follows her 1995 release of the party game called Love It or Hate it.

Liebrary is the game where the first line speaks volumes. Players are provided with a book title and corresponding plot summary before being asked to create the most believable first line of the book. Hannah comments, “It’s an absolute blast. When you play, you get to almost perform a little bit, so you can make them have some character to them. The other thing I like about Liebrary is that you don’t have to know the books. Reading the synopsis means anyone can participate and have fun.”

And fun it certainly is. The object of the game is to bluff other unknowing players into believing that your first line is the correct one, and the more outrageous and creative, the better! Points are earned by either successfully fooling your opponents or by correctly guessing the first line of other players books after all the possibilities are read.

Hannah and Shepard, the famed and extremely creative duo, conceptualized the game while they were on vacation in Hawaii together.

If you want to be a part of the celebs new favorite pastime, the stop by your local Barnes and Noble. Liebrary is currently being sold exclusively at all Barnes & Nobles’ through the holidays and can also be found and purchased online at www.BarnesandNoble.com.